My current research interests relate to how accounting information influences resource allocation decisions in the economy and the effects of financial accounting standards and financial reporting information on managers’ investing decisions (real effects). In addition, I am interested in firms’ strategic disclosure choices and their effects on valuation of the firms. I hope to use my background in economics and accounting to study how financial accounting and corporate taxation can affect managers’ decision-making and impact economic outcomes.

Working Papers

“The Effect of 2004 8-K Expansion on Information Asymmetry among Investors”.
– Job market paper.
– Committee: Katherine Schipper (Co-Chair), Rahul Vashishtha (Co-Chair), Xu Jiang, and Emma Rasiel.

Does Differential Taxation of Short-term relative to Long-term Capital Gains Affect Long-term Investments?
– Coauthored with Martin Jacob, Rahul Vashishtha, and Mohan Venkatachalam.
– Conditionally accepted at the Journal of Accounting and Economics.

“Attention Grabbing Innovation Disclosures”.