My current teaching interests lie in financial reporting. As an accounting educator, I will emphasize concepts, intuition and the practical application of standards to events, transactions and arrangements. During my time as a PhD student at Duke, I have learned that accounting is not about memorizing rules; it is a complex and highly judgment-driven set of tasks that requires analytical reasoning, technical knowledge, conceptual knowledge, intuition, and a practical understanding of how businesses operate. It is my responsibility as an accounting educator to understand the reasoning behind and basis for accounting standards. I believe that I can take advantage of my non-traditional background to develop useful ways to introduce accounting concepts to students who are seeing these ideas for the first time.

In my accounting review sessions at Duke, I approach concepts and standards by first explaining the commercial arrangements that are being accounted for and how accounting concepts can apply broadly across arrangements that may appear to be dissimilar. Teaching evaluations suggest I am doing well, with students referring to me as their “accounting angel” and as “best at explaining things from intuition.”

Duke University


Pre-term Financial Accounting Review (Daytime MBA): 2019 – 2020
– Instructor Rating: 6.3/7.0

Teaching Assistant:

Financial Accounting (Global Executive MBA): 2017 – 2019
– TA Rating: 4.9/5.0
Financial Accounting Foundations (MQM): 2017 – 2018
– TA Rating: 5.0/5.0
Financial Accounting (MMS): 2018 – 2019
– TA Rating: 5.0/5.0

University of California, Berkeley

Teaching Assistant:

The Economics of Climate Change: 2013
Economic Analysis-Micro: 2013

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Teaching Assistant:

Introduction to Economics: 2011